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i made a new skyrim character whose main goal in life is to steal all of the cheese in skyrim for herself


she hasn’t gotten very far yet but she’s off to a good start


three cities worth of cheese… i’d call that progress

This looks like something Natasha Una would do XD


I remember one time I went to buy a wardrobe with my father, there were horses for sale in the furniture section too.


Martini’s NewSea PoodlePearl Necklace Conversion ”de-poodlefied” -requested by Kennus

  • compressed
  • comes in two original colours



This is too cute! Are there turtles in TS2, or is that a download?


Thank you! It’s just deco :P I like to put random animals (rabbits in a garden patch, squirrels in a park) because it looks cute to me :3

The deco ts3 pets are from here.

I adore the deco pets!! One of my favorite things to do in my lots is “hide” some sneaky animals in the bushes. <3


Axe Wood Campgrounds

Undoubtably I’ll find a gazillion things wrong with it once I play it, but for now, this will have to do. Time to start playing  :)

edit: wth picture 02, I selected you *glares and adds to post

*glances around in embarrasment* Um, for anyone who just noticed I followed them or has been following me, I swear I will fix all the broken things going on with my Tumblr, so my archive of Let’s Play videos (over 600 now!) and my Sims stuff especially is easy to find and the tumblr in general is easy to navigate. xD;; 

So excuse the dust, there will be regular content and sims related things shortly! (Especially once I knock out this new BACC!!) 

Also I will make a list of “Common Tags” so if you follow but want to block, say, video shares then you totally can. :3 


A random shot of a flower stand on a marketplace in my new town, which I’m currently working on ^^

Flowers :D

Flowers!! Flower shop!! Oh man, I’d love to do a “Flower Shop Day” where people could share all their amazing flower shops, gardens, etc… <3 <3 <3


A small offering for GOS’s Food Theme.



They’ve been sitting in my folder forever (about 2 years at least) and I’ve been using them for maxis-match style ever since they were made, so they’re pretty much gameplay tested to the last pixel.

The body texture remained unchanged, however I threw some of the textures together to decrease filesize. What I mainly did was blending the face from my Evanescent skintone set onto Leh’s perfectly smooth maxismatch skintone. I needed more definition on lips and nose (hence my “special needs”… and because of my addiction to Placebo at that time).

I don’t know which color palette that is. Might be Trapping’s, might be something I whipped up on my own, after two years I simply don’t remember. Please forgive the old, 27-year-old woman.

The set includes:

  • 9 skintones, both custom and geneticized+towniefed versions
  • default skintones (02, 03, 05 and a special color blend for S4)
  • default supernatural skintones for aliens and plantsims

The captions will tell you which skins you see. No makeup has been used for the models, Lola and Ophelia, however, have some extra eyelashes, eyeshadow and lipcorners. Eyebrows used are from Trapping’s Syrendoft set which you MUST HAVE. Hairerdits/colors are mine. Eyes are a blend by the lovely nilou!

Now onto the fun stuff:


If I mess up wait with throwing rotten tomatoes at me, message me first (through main simblr) and I will correct that.


A closer look at the beach fairground I was making earlier.

The main attraction on the pier is the merry-go-round and ferris wheel and leading up to it are several carnival games (step right up! prize guaranteed!) plus a photo booth and a little arcade. On the opposite end of the boardwalk is an ice-cream stall and down along the beach sims take a break from the excitement and enjoy the sunny weather :)


So ecstatic to see people just rediscovering The Sims 2 and/or trying it for the first time. Hello new and returning players!


The Doctrine of the White Council dictates that any mage of the light with advanced magical skills must pass along their knowledge to the next generation via an apprenticeship.

Some are not as thrilled about this as others.


I told my sims to plant many tomatoes on te first BaCC round on the lot I made 2 or 3 months ago and this is what I got instead.

A dadly used cc, a mod’s fault, or a hilarious error, I cannot decide



Six-Eyed Sand Spider Burying Herself (x)

NO that flop’n wiggle

I wish I was that cute while being socially awkward.  If I could just bury myself, I would.

ahhhhh I can’t help it it isn’t sims but its so cute!!!

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So, somebody asked for a guide on how I make my fake ponds. It’s actually very easy! Click the pictures for a more detailed description of the process.

You can also place decks on top of the pond, but you can’t place fences underneath the deck. I recommended using Buggybooz’s lowest flower border to circumvent the problem.

Dark concrete floors by Misstiikeri.

Reflective floors and walls by Murano.

Hope this might prove helpful to some other simmers out there who are unsatisfied with the in-game ponds. Maybe one day I will discover a way to make straight canals, so I can finally build some Amsterdam inspired streets.